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LEED Certification

Going Green

Sustainable Features

Global Learning Academy


Global Learning Academy:  Two-story, 128,000 square foot school housing 800 students from Pre-K to 5th Grade. 


Sustainable Features:

1.     Energy Efficient air conditioning system:   state-of-the-art magnetic bearing compressor system that reduces the building energy consumption by 16%.

2.     High efficient light fixtures:  These light fixtures take advantage of daylight by dimming lights automatically when natural light comes into the windows.

3.     Solar Panels:  An estimated 5% of the project’s energy cost will be offset by renewable energy generated on-site with roof-mounted photo-voltaic solar panels.

4.     Water Reduction:  The project will reduce potable water use by 40% by using dual-flush water closets, low-flow urinals and low-flow lavatory faucets.   A water collection cistern will capture rainwater from one of the roofs which will be used to water student crop boxes, the greenhouse and grass at this area of the site.

5.     Recycled Materials:  More than 20% of the materials used in the school incorporate recycled content materials, reducing environmental impacts. 

6.     Green Roof:   A portion of the school’s roof has incorporated a Green Roof system with vegetated pallets that reduce the amount of rain water run-off and adds to the insulation for the building’s envelope.


Curriculum Features:

1.     Technology:  The school will emphasize the teaching of the latest computer and information technology, with teaching tools such as interactive white boards, state-of-the-art computers and world-wide video conferencing.

2.     Global Awareness:  The school is to be reflective of the cultural diversity of the students and families.  Each grade will be themed according to one of the seven continents of the world.  The global awareness will influence the teaching methods, the languages taught and foods served.  Teleconferencing allows the students to interact and communicate with students from around the globe.

3.     Exterior Environment Awareness:  Adjacent to the school site is an environmentally sensitive wetland area that has many plant and wildlife species.  A boardwalk allows the students to learn about the importance of conserving natural habitats, as well as protecting plant and animal species.

4.     Energy Conservation Awareness:  The school’s roof-top science deck, accessible to the students which will not only display, but allow a hands-on approach to learning about the energy saving technologies.  These include the Green Roof pallets and also photo-voltaic solar panels so that students can see first-hand how solar energy works.

5.     Conserving our Natural Resources:  A greenhouse will be built to allow the students to grow sea oats and then replant along disturbed coastal dunes.  The water used in the greenhouse will be provided by collecting rainwater off roof tops.  The area adjacent to the greenhouse will allow the student to grow vegetables in crop boxes, which will then be distributed to the Manna Food Bank, so that the students learn about giving back to the community.

6.     Instructional Signage:  Teaching signage will be placed throughout the building to inform the students about materials, fixtures, and equipment that were chosen to save energy, improve air quality and promote conservation.


Improving the Learning Environment:

1.     The comfort and well-being of the students and staff are improved by the incorporation of air quality enhancements such as increased fresh air, better air filtering systems, and dust and mold reduction during the construction process.

2.     Indoor air contaminants are reduced by the use of low-emitting materials for interior surfaces such as paints, adhesives and carpet along with the cleaning products being used after hours.

3.     Indoor comfort is improved by the use of lighting and temperature controls that are adjustable by the building’s occupants.

4.     Well-being and health are also improved by providing natural daylight and exterior views to almost every space in the building.